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Singer/Musician, Siân (Brown)
Interview with Singer/Musician, Siân

Siân Brown is a singer/songwriter based in Cork city, Ireland. The daughter of an alcoholic father
from Newcastle upon Tyne England and artist mother from London, England. The family settled in
rural North Cork when Siân was two years old. Siân had an extremely difficult childhood before
moving to Cork City in 1997 at the age of 17. She enjoyed writing from an early age and combined
her words with music when she taught herself how to play the guitar in her early teens. She always
loved music and was no stranger to open mic nights in Cork City, but put her own music on the
back burner until she secured a place on a music course at CSN in Cork 2006. There she honed her
writing and guitar skills and wrote most of the songs for her debut album Blue Ruin.

After two years studying, Siân left and began gigging all over the country. She released a five track
EP in 2008 which was picked up on by John Creedon, of RTE Radio 1, who liked the first track on
the CD ‘In between Dreams’ and marked her as ‘one to watch’. In the summer of 2009, she toured
the country as part of a reggae band singing original, crossover, reggae songs she penned herself
ending the tour with a gig on the main stage of Dun Laoghaire’s Festival of World Cultures 2009.
All the while, Siân was recording Blue Ruin in a small studio in Cobh, County Cork with producer
Louise McCormick.

‘Blue Ruin’ took just over a year to complete and features eleven tracks, all music and lyrics by
Siân Brown. She released the album on the 21st of May, 2010 in Cork to a packed house and the
album was later reviewed in Hot Press magazine by Edwin McFee who stated that her ‘songs can
transport you to the stratospheres’ and ‘Blue Ruin is an engaging listen; the singer is fearless when
it comes to making her thoughts and feelings public’. Siân has since traveled all over Ireland, and
some venues in Europe.

In 2014 Siân released her second album The Girl From Nowhere, which was also recorded in Cobh
and produced by Louise McCormick and her husband John Crone. Taking over a year to create, this
album featured a further 11 new and original songs written from Siân’s life experience.
In 2017 Siân released a collaborative album as part of the band Lλmbdancer. Lλmbdancer is a dirty
electro punk performance project with her husband and electro producer Jimmy Wormall, AKA
Darqhorse. They released their EPIC debut album ‘d.u.m.b.’ and played a tonne of gigs including
Vegfest Dublin/Cork and Electric Picnic 2015 – 2017. Here Siân used her alter ego ‘Moonbird’ to
express her madness including costumes, wigs and her more out there thoughts/lyrics. It’s a whole
loada fun! Lλmbdancer went on to release the single ‘Making a Moonbird’ in 2019 which
highlighted Siân’s rap skills and songwriting prowess. Both the album d.u.m.b. and the single
‘Making a Moonbird’ can be found on their Spotify profile.

In December 2020 Siân released her third solo album ‘And She Was’. 12 new tracks with her current
band mates, husband Jimmy Wormall, Ed Blunden, Mike Jordan and Aisling FitzPatrick. Including
a spoken word poem by friend and organic farmer Helena Walsh. She also co-wrote a song with her
music therapy partner Laura Cahill and invited a ton of her female friends to play and sing as part
of her song ‘Woman Now’. Musician friends featured on that song include former producer Louise
McCormick, singer/songwriter Yvonne Redmond and Martina & Marie Jordan. The album was
produced by the award winning producer Jason Boshoff who flew all the way from Barcelona to
Cork with his assistant Oscar Garcia-Bragado to record these hot tunes in Clay Castle Studios
Youghal. Siân and Jason just got each other musically and really clicked in the studio. Between two
Irish lock-downs, everyone involved grabbed the low numbers by the horns and belted out a record
in record time! Just 6 days! ‘And She Was’ is still quite new and fresh and it’s making and release
remains one of the greatest moments of Siân’s life to date.

Siân created her own shadow puppet music video from scratch during Irish lockdown for her song
‘Bitter Cup’, to coincide with the release of the new record, which can be found on her Youtube
Channel. She documented the making of this video, which is a series also featured on her Youtube
Channel. She is currently making another animated music video for her song ‘Last Life’ which she
hopes to release during the summer.

At the moment, Siân still resides in Cork city, Ireland, and is hoping to arrange some great gigs once
out of lockdown and once it is deemed safe to do so. She is an artist on many levels but also works
as a Music Therapist, Neurological Music Therapist and a Sound Healing practitioner and is
currently in the midst of a Diploma in Integrative Supervision. She hopes to qualify as a clinical
supervisor by the end of 2021 and has also applied to do a second masters. This time in
Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. Lastly, Siân is a dedicated vegan and
feminist and believes we are all equal in spirit. 

Links: WebsiteFacebookMySpaceTwitteriTunesBand CampYou TubeSound CloudBlog Spot

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