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 “Taking It Back”
Founder:    Herb Middleton
Company:  MoonTown Records & Publishing, President


“Taking It Back” is a new movement created by Herb Middleton, a multi-platinum veteran record producer, musician, songwriter and arranger.  TIB is being developed to support older artists. That includes singers and instrumentalists. The movement is not limited to the “grown & gifted”, but also will  expose younger and mature talent that embrace the quality of sound and art that brought a long list of legendary musicians there past and present success. This new age worldwide virtual and real life vehicle is a train full of soul, one that ” baby boomer” and younger music lovers will appreciate.


“TIB” is being developed to “make music great again”  The mission is to restore the presence and integrity of our black art that birthed the sound and history of Motown, Stax and others. Our goal and purpose is to serve the consumers that are surviving from older classic music that had a large and diverse menu of musical food seasoned by our forefathers such as Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Luther Vandross,  and mother’s like Phyllis Hyman, Minnie Ripperton, Aretha Franklin and etc.
The mission is to use modern technology to connect “TIB” and its roster to those consumers that have been long forgotten, to those that remember going to a record store to buy their music, whether on a CD or vinyl
Another very important part of the mission is to create a platform for many older indie artists that have been discouraged or forced to retire due to the overwhelming presence of today’s over saturated market, built only for millennials to lead in today’s music industry.


The first rule for the target is to take the movement, music and artist (s) to where all of the above will be appreciated. The international scene is the grass roots for the movement. I understand there are a few countries that prefer their music on CD and vinyl.


A reality show that showcases the production process is a great way to bring worldwide attention to the brand and artists. Bringing some older artists out of retirement can be a tedious process caught on camera. I’ve personally had sessions with older artists that had me wanting to leave the studio screaming. Building a social media presence that will engage those interested in TIB. We are looking to connect with DJ’s that have the taste for our menu.


Building a buzz for the TIB movement is the way to gain interest  from sponsors and investors.


The very first project that displays an example of “Taking It Back” is Moon Ready Vol 1. which is scheduled for a release on all platforms on 1/21/21. These numbers equal 7 and there are 21 songs on the project. The project represents a diversified menu of music, age groups from talent from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Africa.
Every song has single potential, and a few were purposely placed on the project that represent businesses and movements, such as:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Smooches Woman ( Curvy Woman Brand)
  • PetSmart, PetCo. “Don’t You Love Em” ( Dog Lover Song)These can be used to draw sponsorship for our tours.
The project’s theme for promotions is “Zoom To The Moon”. 
-Zoom will be used to connect all of the artists on the project (Interviews, live performances, etc.)


Supporting Artists
Marc Staggers
Terri Green of The Terri Green Project
The Weather Girls
Miracle Thomas
Additional Genres
Disco , House , Funk, Smooth Jazz
Ron Hardt
Al Green
DJ Bigger
Joy Pettaway SEO and Web Development Specialists
Principal CEO of CMG LLC

Atlanta Georgia & J Fly Entertainment Las Vegas

MoonTown Records & Publishing
Chef Stews Stix Pop Up Events
TRD Music Group
NuChoice Records
METomlin Enterprises,Inc./NDJamz Radio©

Prepared by Herb Middleton

 “I.C.O.N.I.C. Artists Performing Quality Music”
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